All About Whisk(e)y

Gone are the days where whisky is only considered to be a man’s drink. Sorry MadMen but we think a woman who knows her way around bottle of whisky is pretty badass. Not only is whisky basking in the spotlight, but for these brands the liquid inside is just as captivating as the bottle. Now… Read more »

Heart Part

Heart Part—your new favorite utensils. I mean who wouldn’t love brightly colored plastic hearts that serve as a triple-threat snacking utensil. These hearts break into two (fork, knife and scoop) parts. Perfect for sharing with a friend, or lover. Picnic approved and reusable, you’ll never want to throw away these little beauties. Never again will… Read more »

Alcohol is changing forms yet again thanks to the lovely ladies at Prohibition Bakery in NYC. They’ve already garnered the attention of locals looking for a sweet buzz with their boozy cupcakes but their new creation is a major game changer. Introducing RumDrops, virtually a cocktail made portable, and how perfect is that packaging to… Read more »

Crispers, cocktails and 15 year old chefs, OH MY! The New York Times Magazine has outdone itself this issue; an issue jam-packed with things worth talking about. Bored reading this, we were not. From it, we learned that: 1. There’s a 15 year old chef named Flynn McGarry, who, at this point in his short… Read more »

Sean Fritchle is an Atlanta born chef with some serious culinary skill. His instagram @seanfritchle is shot after shot of gorgeous plating, color and whimsical new culinary techniques. This recipe is definitely for the gourmand who knows their way around dehydrators, agar agar and syringes. If you have no idea how these apply to cooking,… Read more »

Created with the Asian immigrant palate in mind, the simple recipe Huy Fong’s green-capped Tuong Ot Sriracha — a blend of jalapeños, vinegar, sugar, salt, and, of course, garlic — hasn’t changed much since its inception in L.A’s Chinatown in 1980.  Inspired by the hot sauces traditionally popular in Thailand, “sriracha” is actually a generic… Read more »

By: Maria Eilersen While gastronomy as a whole has undergone rapid development driven by innovations in the past decade, the sweet end of the menu has remained mostly conservative and predictable. The molten lava cake and its gooey chocolate center has become a gourmet cliche that is often skipped or at best, reluctantly split between… Read more »

Uptown to Upstate

If you’re like most real New Yorkers, you have an undying love for the city. Until of course that is, you can’t stand it anymore. After a certain point, you just need to get out and get some fresh air. I can’t help but think The Surrey Hotel and the Bedford Post Inn (both Relais &… Read more »

Who doesn’t love potatoes? Seriously. They can be fried, mashed, baked, sliced– basically everything delicious. This potato recipe will have you trading in yukon golds for a bag of sweet and you have Brys Stephens and his new book The New Southern Table to thank for that.  “As a Southerner, I love cookbooks and traveling as inspiration… Read more »