Summertime is for funny friends, cold drinks and good times. These Jäger cocktails from some our favorite NYC cocktail bars bring together all three. We’ve got a few recipes that further prove Jäger is not just for shots. Break out your shakers and get fancy on your rooftops because these recipes will inspire new ways… Read more »

Small Thyme Cooks

This new coloring book will test not only your culinary knowledge, but your inner artiste’s skills as well. Andre Heston Mack (former sommelier at The French Laundry and Per Se) believed that coloring is necessary for children and adults—and we thank him for that. I mean, what’s not fun about  ’East Coast or West Coast oyster’ quizzes… Read more »

The famed St John Bred & Wine establishment of London opens Bakery Room opened on Saturday, June 28th. The Bakery Room, offers a proper, sit-in space where you can relax over a menu full of inspirations drawn from the St John repertoire. Welsh Rarebit and the internationally renowned Old Spot bacon sandwich will be some… Read more »

French food magazine Le Fooding really knows how to throw a party. Their annual “The Grand Fooding”  is no exception. The founder (Alexandre Cammas) considers the word fooding to be an adjective interchangeable with feeling; the feeling of great food and all of the emotions it evokes. If you find yourself in NYC this weekend… Read more »

Bloody Marys. So controversial. People either order them every Sunday with their brunch, or are completely nauseated by the thought of them. Perhaps the ‘ew’ factor comes from the classic, pre-fab V8 tomato mix full of preservatives and god knows what else. But such is not the case with a bloody mary that is sous… Read more »

If you love food and have not read FOUR, then you have a lot of catching up to do. Their tagline is “World’s Best Food Magazine,” which is apt and well deserved. This magazine is filled with photography enticing enough for you to spend all three wishes from a genie to make it appear on… Read more »

The Palomar, London

The Palomar is the creation of Layo and Zoe Paskin, siblings behind The End/AKA and the Chefs, Assaf Granit, Yossi Elad and Uri Navon, from Jerusalem’s most celebrated restaurant, Machneyuda. The new venture serves modern Israeli cuisine to Londoners, while still maintaining traditional integrity. Raw Bar dishes, for example, make use of Japanese techniques but… Read more »

The Yellow Table

Pull up a chair and gather ’round The Yellow Table because Anna Watson Carl is cooking dinner and you better believe we will be there! Anna is on a mission to gather friends (old and new) to share a home cooked meal. Her blog (The Cookbook Diaries) and upcoming cookbook (The Yellow Table) features wholesome,… Read more »

For us, a truly memorable night always includes great cocktails and great company. While doing research for a new app by Jägermeister the Trends on Trends team devoted a night to tasting cocktails at some of our favorite NYC spots—tough job right. Starting on our home turf in Williamsburg we made it to Maison Premiere,… Read more »

Have you heard of Aesop? Of course you have, it’s that Australian skincare brand with the amazing packaging. We just had to learn more. What we found is that you don’t need to dig very deep to find the culinary elements in Aseop — it’s written right there on the label, cardamom, parsley seed, sage… Read more »