Burro Soresina, The Most Stylish Butter

Burro Soresena1

While strolling down the isles of my favorite Italian food mecca Eataly, I came across an array of different designer butters.  This brightly colored  packaging of Burro Soresina caught my attention immediately.  As I was holding the butter in my hand a few Italian women came over and started raving about it which immediately locked in my decision.  Gorgeous packaging is my creative weakness and always makes for purely impulse retail decisions.  But this Burro Soresina has the quality and delicious taste to back it up.  Made from the freshest milk from northern Italian cows this butter has a rich fat content but a clean and creamy taste.  Perfect for those special nights of culinary indulgence.

Burro Soresena Burro Soresena2

Images courtesy google images